A Call to Faithfulness

My favourite English football team is Manchester United. And as many of you will know, we have had a miserable season. In fact, it’s been a miserable few years. We have suffered defeat from small, pathetic teams such as Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. We even lost to a team called Bournemouth – which I honestly believe did not exist before this season.

So it has been difficult being a Man U supporter. And I must confess, I have not been a very faithful supporter. At times I even wanted my team to lose, simply so that the manager gets fired and someone else replaces him. I have stopped watching matches as soon as the other team scored the first goal, because I felt we were going to lose. And I have been right many times.

So even though I have remained a United supporter throughout, and intend to do so till I die, I’m probably not the guy they can count on when they are losing.

The prophet Malachi deals with the issue of our unfaithfulness to God and as you shall see in this morning’s passage, to one another.

Malachi asks a rhetorical question in verse 10 “Have we not all one Father? Has not one God created us?”  It was a question directed to the Israelites. He was in fact, declaring that they did have one Father, and had been created by the same God. But they were living and acting as though they were not.

The extent of their sinfulness was that they were breaking not only their relationship with God, but they were sinning against one another as well.

We are in a relationship with God. And we are in a relationship with one another. And so God’s commands to us this morning are clear. The first is Be Faithful to Your God

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