A Song For Your Encouragement

“Why am I discouraged?
Why so sad?
I will put my hope in God!
I will praise him again–
my Saviour and my God!”
(Psalm 42)

A sudden thought crosses my mind,
A joyous revelation!
I serve a great God,
my Hope in every moment,
whether big or small.

‘This world is not our home’,
a ‘heavenly homeland’ awaits us!
Why do we still rely on people?
The Lord is all we need,
the Lord God Almighty is His name!

Don’t be disheartened,
Don’t run where there is no Hope!
Life is against you?
Nothing works out?
Still our Hope is in God!

Plans fail, or ends don’t meet?
Still our Hope is in God!
Suffering follows you?
Still our Hope is in God!
Oh, ‘I thirst for God, the living God’!

Once again I will praise Him!
For what do we have,
that He has not given?
What trouble is too great?
My only Hope is in you Lord!
Yes! My only Hope is in you Lord!

I live to give you Glory,
to make you known.
Listen and understand,
for your only Hope is in the Lord!

I pray that you may see the true worth of knowing God. The joy of a Hope guiding us on earth as  foreigners and the joy of that Hope in the ‘heavenly homeland’ that awaits us. May you be encouraged to completely trust in God in every part of your lives.


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