Are You Ready To Give An Account For Your Life?

Everyone Will Be Called To Account

“How can you think, ‘God will never call us to account’? (Psalm 10:13)

“Felix was terrified. ‘Go away for now,’ he replied. ‘When it is more convenient, I’ll call for you again.” (Acts 24:25)

No one is watching. We can get away with it. It is doing no harm to us. It it is doing no harm to others. Why should we care? ‘Nothing bad will ever happen to us!’ No one will ever notice. I am sure we have all heard these statements from others and even more astounding, from ourselves.

Stop and think for a moment, those who refuse to know God. Do you really think that you will never be called to account? That you will never reap what you sow, that you will never pay the consequence for your actions. God’s heart yearns for your conviction. Not a burning fire, but a convicted heart. A heart that leads to repentance, a heart that is renewed and made clean. No heart is too far gone, for God himself says, ‘I have seen what they do, but I will heal them anyway! Don’t miss out as Felix did. He neglected the new life made available by Christ. Your soul is not something of convenience, for God will call you to account!

Stop and think for a moment, those who know God. Do you think that we are any less accountable. God’s Grace fully satisfies. Yet we keep ‘hidden’ sin in our lives, even after having known God’s purpose for those who know Him. Rest assured God is working to expose it, to shake all that is of this world. He will do this until only He is left, until only things that are eternal are left. God did not ask for a part of you, but all of you. God longs to have all of us, all of our heart. I beg you to let go, to let the Spirit fill and control you. God is our strength in the battle, He will and already has overcome. You have already seen God’s blessing, lived a life of Grace. Why turn from it, why hinder it?

The Lord holds an inheritance, one that can never be taken away. Blessings are held ready, to be showered upon those who know and trust the Lord. May we see more than just an empty world, may we see the Almighty King. God will call us to account! May we be His, resting in His Grace.

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