Don’t Leave God Behind

“Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you.” (Psalm 37:5)

At first glance this seems simple. All we have to do is let go of what we doing and let God take over. Yet if there is one thing that does not come naturally, it is allowing God to work in every area of our lives. To let Him lead your decisions, to let Him control the outcomes, to allow Him to rule your life and to give Him the glory in all you do.

Even if God has lead you to this place, often there is still something we hold back or in everyday life we neglect Him at some time or in some place. What drives someone to commit everything to another? What drives someone to trust someone unconditionally? Love drives all these things. The Lord loves us, showering His grace on us with no strings attached. It is His nature to love. Do you love the Lord?

As the Lord’s love works through us we start to respond in love, in all we do. We are His, we live and breathe in Him. If this is so, if you love God as a Father, start to trust Him! Commit everything to Him as a response of the love He shows and the growing love He builds in us.

Keeping this in mind, you see some that do not yet know what this means. Everything they do is based on their strength, on their own abilities to achieve a goal. They still do not understand the love that is available to them. I beg you not to make this mistake for ‘even strong lions sometimes go hungry.’

And you will grow hungry without trusting God. Without His love and guidance, without His leading and control, there is only one outcome. Oh, you might succeed for a time, maybe even a lifetime, but that is where it ends. You will miss out on His eternal love and presence that sit right before you.

Then there are some that pick a path and go. We plan ahead and think this is great for God? We don’t stop in the beginning to see if God thinks it is the right thing. Only later, we approach God and ask for His blessing. How surprised we are to learn that we are not following the path God set out. How surprised we are that we are not receiving the full blessing God intended. Stop! Listen to what Moses said, ‘If you don’t go with us personally, don’t let us move a step from this place.’ Even if the path is hidden from us at present, God will reveal the road to follow.

Be patient, and listen to what God is saying. Others are so afraid to take a step, in fear of going the wrong way. We are open to God’s leading perhaps, but fail to be bold when He calls us to go. Did God not promise to be our strength, to be our fortress in the times to come? Everything is overdone.

We tend to over think every small thing and see things that are not there. The danger is that we, again, are not listening to what God wants. We still do not commit it all to the Lord. Some find and know the path to follow but along the way lose sight of Christ. In the beginning we commit all to God and leave it in his hands. We then lose sight of Him as Peter did when walking on the water. If Christ was not there to save us we would sink to the bottom of the sea and be forever lost. Those who endure to the end will be saved.

Don’t stop trusting God as you walk along His path. Let His presence continually guide you. We all at sometime have failed to commit everything to the Lord. To trust Him in all things. We need to let Him work in our lives, to grow and nurture us. The Lord wants to help us, to shower is unfailing love on us. Do you not sense His Grace, His kindness, His compassion? Please, don’t miss it. His love spans a gap that nothing can fill, a joy that none can give and a peace that none can understand. Let His Spirit fill and control you. Commit everything, trust Him.

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