How Do You Know That You Are Saved?

How do you know you are saved? How do you know that you are chosen by God, and belong to him? This is an important question because one of the struggles many Christians including us face, is not knowing whether their salvation is secure and whether if they were to die this very moment, they would be received with welcome into heaven.

For many Christians, especially those who do not come from a reformed understanding of the gospel, they say there is no way of knowing with absolute certainty whether they are saved truly and always. And to live with such uncertainty, such doubt, is miserable. Instead of resting in the finished work of Jesus, you end up living life toiling to be accepted by God.

But the bible says you can indeed know that you have been chosen by God to be His son – and I use that term deliberately, whether you are a man or a woman, you can live in complete certainty that you have the blessings of a son in God’s family.

Even though he had had only three weeks to preach the gospel in their midst, Paul had no doubt concerning the genuineness and certainty of the Thessalonian Christians’ salvation.

They were very young Christians, but he opens his letter in verse 2 by telling them of how they constantly gave thanks to God, firstly because of the clear evidence of three pillars of salvation in their lives – faith, love and hope.

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