Jesus Chose Humiliation Over Glory (Good Friday Sermon)


There is a lot about our faith, Christianity, that does not make sense to unbelievers and today, Easter Friday, or Good Friday, is probably one of the biggest stumbling blocks. It must surely surprise many that we believers around the globe are gathering together to joyfully remember a day that seemingly marks the horrible defeat of Jesus Christ by man and the powers of darkness.

Why is it, that we, along with believers all over the world, are gathered here this morning without a hint of embarrassment at the suffering of our Lord? Any other religion or group of people would have tried to forget such a day. Yet, instead of cowering in shame like the disciples did in the hours following his crucifixion, here we are, not hiding from the world, but actually proclaiming this supposedly tragic defeat.

On this day, the Hero of our story died. Jesus was humiliated through a brutal crucifixion. The Truth was defeated by lies as sinners hurled false accusations at Him. Light was overcome by darkness. Love was shattered by hatred. The seed of the woman was crushed by the serpent of old. God was defeated by man.

But why would God let this happen?

Why did Jesus choose to die?

Why would He allow such a thing to happen to His one and only Son, with whom He was supposedly so pleased? Why didn’t Jesus call upon his Father to send the armies of angels at his disposal to rescue Him? Couldn’t He have simply blinded the soldiers as they nailed His hands on to the cross? How is it that the God-man who could walk on water and calm raging seas, was unable to overcome a handful sinners? Why would Jesus choose humiliation and defeat, instead of victory and glory?

Why did He choose to die on the cross?


Here is why. Jesus could not save both us, and Himself. It had to be one or the other. If He had not died on the cross on that day, then not a single one of us would have been saved. Today, and indeed every other day of our lives, would have been terrible and full of sorrow.

And so, knowing full well that if He did not go through with the agony of the cross, you and I would have been doomed, Jesus endured.

And one of the hardest things he faced on that very first Easter Friday, must have been the taunting sound of jeers and mockery by the very sinners he came to save. And so this morning we remember that our Saviour willingly chose humiliation over glory.

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