Jesus Is Born, Receive Him With Joy

Babies have a way of bringing a certain kind of joy in life. Even when the circumstances of a baby being born are not the best, everything wrong that might have happened and led to that baby being conceived is quickly forgotten when that little noisy bundle comes screaming into the world.

And it’s somewhat surprising because they don’t come with anything to give you, except sleepless nights and lots of random pooping. But I’m yet to see a situation where the birth of a new born child has not been met with rejoicing and celebration.
And if that’s how ordinary babies make us feel, how much more do you think God wants you to respond to the birth of the baby above all babies, his Son Jesus Christ? As we celebrate Christmas today, and indeed, for every day of our lives, what kind of a reaction would be pleasing to God?

There are three response which we see from the passage before us, and which God expects of us. First of is for us to recognize that Jesus is the King.

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