Jesus, The Obsession of My Heart

“Whom have I in heaven but you?

I desire you more than anything on earth.” (Psalms 73:25)
The obsession of my heart,
Jesus Christ is all I see!

You hold out your hand towards me,
But I do not know how.
Yet I trust you, for you lead me.
Joy leaps within me as I let go.
Slowly we start dancing to the sound,
The song of heaven all around!

I gaze up and what do I see?
The bright morning star before me.
The steps no longer matter,
Time becomes nothing.
The sight of you holds me,
Your everlasting grip unfolds me.

Your beauty fills me with awe,
Breath-taking for all to see.
Your power and might is endless,
No one can stand against you.
Your Glory enters every corner,
Consuming all in its path.

No wonder I desire thee, Lord God Almighty.
I desire you more than anything.
For whom have I in heaven but You?
My Father and my King.

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