Messengers of God

Messengers of God

“Righteousness goes as a herald before him, preparing the way for his steps.” (Psalm 85:13)

This verse in the psalms is an amazing testimony to those that saw God’s character in the Old Testament. Through both blessing and pain, those that really knew the Lord Almighty, the ‘I am’, saw His righteousness throughout. Even more amazing, is how this points directly to God’s future plans which were fulfilled in the New Testament. How it still applies to us today, and will always continue too because God’s will is clearly seen in it.

The starting point is actually seen at the end of the verse, ‘preparing the way for his steps’. We know that His steps are what are important. Everything is designed, made and engineered for one purpose. That purpose is the furthering of His Steps, His Name and His Glory. This is done by the display of His Righteousness, nothing else.

Only one was ever seen to be righteous by God, and only through Him are others counted the same. Christ Jesus is that one. Even Abraham would not have been called righteous apart from Him.

So, how does this apply to us today? Let us be clear, we are called to be a herald for God but this is only possible if we have Righteousness in us. That is what is so beautiful about this verse, we see that only through Christ can we be a herald for God. Only by displaying Christ can we be a herald that will truly further His Steps, His Name and His Glory. Without this truth, nothing further will be gained. God gives us Christ and He gives us His Spirit. ‘It is the Spirit who gives eternal life.

Human effort accomplishes nothing. And the very words I have given you are spirit and life.’ Those were Christ’s words when He was talking of himself and fulfilling God’s will.

We are messengers of God

Now, what does being a herald entail? The first thing has already been discussed in brief. As we live in Christ, we are ‘representatives’ of Him, of God. A herald is a messenger that represents someone of importance. We are messengers of God. We need to display God’s righteousness and so display His Glory to those around us. We are ambassadors of Christ, displaying His intentions and doing

His will in all things. At least, we should be all these things. How often we are not what we should be. Yet, always, Christ works through us to display God in all His Majesty.

A herald precedes or comes before. No, we do not come before Christ in that sense. We have already seen that God’s Steps are the most important. God does however call us to bring a sense of Him to others. To plant the seed, to harvest the crop, to nurture His sheep. We are to be a beacon for others, leading them to Him. God has every ability to change someone’s heart without us. In fact we can’t do a thing, but by His Grace, we are called to go ahead of Him as John the Baptist did. In the words of John the disciple, ‘John himself was not the light; he was only a witness to the light.’

A herald proclaims or announces. This may seem obvious after reading the words above. It just can’t be stressed enough. Too often we are a ‘messenger’ for God, but never proclaim His words when He tells us to. Listen to the Spirit, let Him tell you when to speak. Then when you do, you will speak the right words, according to His will. When you don’t, you will know that there was nothing to say. Even saying nothing can proclaim God more than you know. It all hinges on the announcement being of God, rather than of ourselves.

We are called to be God’s herald. To proclaim His Name to the nations, to not be silent, to not be driven by the world. Let us live in Christ, in whom we have full trust. Let us allow the Spirit to prepare the way for His Steps.

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