How to Write A Sermon Manuscript

    Step 7: Practice Adding Content to Your Sermon

    • Step 7: Add Content and Preach!

      In this step, flesh out the Introduction, Body (main and sub-points) and Conclusion of your text. This is where you enhance your sermon with illustrations, examples, quotations, facts, explanations, definitions etc. I encourage you to use this space to write out the full manuscript of your sermon, word-for-word (even if you are a confident extemporaneous speaker). Afterward, you can develop your full and speaking outlines.
    • Give your sermon a catchy title that reflects your big idea.
    • How are you going to introduce your sermon? Your purpose here is to introduce the Big Idea of your message. Use illustrations, examples or quotations to grip and engage your audience.
    • Write the body of your sermon. This includes your main and sub-points (remember the S.A.V.E (a) point principle), plus additional illustrations, examples etc. to make your sermon clearer.
    • Recapitulate your big ideas and the main points. Remember to end your sermon, do not introduce new material.
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