How to Outline the Structure of Hebrews 1:5 – 2:18

Important Grammatical and Content Keys from Hebrews 1:5 – 2:18

Key(incl. verse #) Major or Minor? Notes
For (1:5) Major The writer begins his comparison of Jesus to the angels. This line of argumentation starts from 1:5-1:14
Therefore (2:1) Major Since Jesus is greater than angels, we must all the more listen to and obey his message

The Outline of Hebrews 1:5 – 2:18

Major Point Minor (sub) Point
Jesus is better than angels (1:5-14) Jesus is better than the angels because he is the Son (1:5)
Jesus is better than angels because He is king to be worshipped (1:6-9)
Jesus is better than angels because he is eternal (1:10-12)
Jesus is better than angels because he is infinitely more powerful (1:13-14)
Jesus’ message is able to save (2:1-18) Jesus’ message has greater consequences than that of angels (2:1-4)
He has the right, power and honor necessary to rule and met out justice (2:5-9)
He has the power to help and save his brothers (2:10-18)

The Summary of Hebrews 1:5 – 2:18 

The Hebrew believers should not equate Jesus with angels or be tempted to think that he is less than one. Unlike angels, Jesus is not just a mere servant who conveys another persons message but is powerless to bring it about (unless by the authority and given power of the sender). Rather, Jesus is not only the one who speaks the message of salvation and delivers it to the people who need it, he is also powerful and able to actually bring about the salvation contained in the message. In this way, angels were mere sign-posts, though at times they could carry out certain actions when instructed and empowered by God.

But never was an angel exalted or praised in the same way as Jesus, nor was any ever given honor and praise. Jesus, on the other hand, is given the highest glory and honor and is declared ruler of all things by God the Father because he did what angels could not do by sacrificing his life for the sake of those who are now his brothers and sisters whom he saved by dying for their sins and obtaining forgiveness and mercy for them.

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