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The beginning of a new season can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. Going into this year, I was deeply burdened with the lives of those around me. So much uncertainty, suffering and hardship seemed to fill people’s lives. Yet God has been so good through it all! Where would we be without such an amazing God?

What is it that people actually see when they go through each day, when they go through every circumstance? One thing is certain, as a heavenly people, we see things differently. How could we not? How can we meet such an awesome God, such a glorious God and not look at things no longer from the worlds point of view, but from God’s? This is our encouragement and drive through every circumstance. Does God’s word not say, ‘Those who trust in me will never be put to shame.

We serve an amazing God and I pray that you see that in everything. May this short psalm encourage us to respond as all God’s children should, for we have seen Him who is above all things and ‘we no longer live, but Christ lives in us.’

What do people see?
How do our hearts respond?

The sky catches a rainbow as the sun sets,
Our heart sees the Glory of the One beyond!
As the rainbow fades the sun follows with a brilliant radiance of colours,
We see the Magnificence of the Lord!

The birth of a Child for every nation,
We see the God of Salvation!
Blessings and peace through joy and suffering,
A God of infinite Grace, Praise Him!

An uncertain future in a dark and perverse world,
A Mighty God and His big picture!
Death on a cross instead of you,
New life on Eternity’s Shore!

Yes, let this be our prayer.
That our hearts see the Lord’s Glory forever more! Amen.

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