You Are Only As Effective As You Are Holy

AS you grow older, you begin to think more carefully about things you said or did when you were young. One of those things for me are nursery rhymes –when you think about their words, most of them are actually dark and horrible songs. If you thought the worst kind of music out there is gangsta rap, wait until you hear what little children are taught in nursery schools. For example, this sweet, gentle lullaby – Rock-a-bye baby, is talking about a baby in a cradle in a tree, and the branch breaks. What happens to the poor baby? Clearly it gets crushed! Or Jack and Jill – Jack falls and cracks his head! Did he die? How could that be a happy song.

But the worst nursery rhyme for me is three blind mice. Let’s watch this little video to see why I think so…It’s pretty gruesome isn’t it? It’s as if the words where written by Stephen King as a soundtrack to a horror movie. But what strikes me about this song, are the mice themselves. What were these three blind mice thinking of when they went round chasing this woman? No wonder they got their tails cut off! They should have at least taken a friend mouse that could actually see before they went off chasing after crazy women with knives.

The point is, how can one blind mouse lead another blind mouse, let alone two? How can a blind man lead another blind man? Can two people lead each other out of the darkness if neither of them has a torch?

One of you needs to be able to see, and one of you needs to have a light.

Once we were blind sinners just like the rest of the world, but God has plucked each one of us from the world and saved us, in order that we may show other sinners the true path to salvation. He has separated us from sin, so that we can shine the light of his love to dying sinners in need of His life.

In other words, God has made us holy – not just in the sense of us being clean – but in that we are separate from the world. We are uniquely God’s people, different from everyone else in the way we feel, think and live.

The message of our text this morning is that we are only as effective in our mission, as we are separate from the world. And so the first point of our passage is the declaration that we are a holy people.

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